A Thoughtful Gift

My friend and neighbor, Justin Graves, gave me a very thoughtful gift this Christmas. The initial gift was a printed Space Invader, as seen here.

I’ve obfuscated the center of the image with a black box. The Invader is textured with a random static pattern. On closer inspection, I could see the Position and Alignment patterns of a typical QR Code. Scanning this code with my phone generated a long list of seemingly random letters. A PUZZLE! This looks like the entry point to a hacking puzzle, also known as a CTF. Fun!

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Investigating a ColdFusion Trojan Distribution

medium_3733339594I responded to an incident that was initiated by an abuse complaint from a European ISP. Their mail server was receiving a large amount of backscatter due to emails that were initially sent from a server that I came to inspect. The sending server was a Postfix server, and there were many undelivered emails in the queue, coming from an unfamiliar domain. After closer inspection of the queue and the Postfix logs, it was clear that the emails were originating from a web server on the local network.

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